All About Climate-Controlled Storage

December 30, 2014
  • Did you know that when you rent out a Salt Lake City storage unit there are different types of units? Sure there are different sizes, but there are also ones that regulate the temperature and humidity. That kind is called climate controlled. For some of the items you store, a climate controlled unit will be vital in keeping them safe and in good condition.
  • What things need to be stored in a climate controlled storage unit?
  • This answer can vary. But typically, here is a short list of things that should be stored in a climate controlled unit:
    •  Anything that holds monetary, historical, or sentimental value
    •  Books
    •  Mattresses and bedding
    •  Anything with fabric on it
    •  Anything with wood on it
    •  Sports equipment
    •  Metal Appliances
  • Climate controlled storage units aren’t the best option for every situation. They are usually more expensive, so you should make sure it is what you need before you sign the contract. The following is a checklist, if you answer yes to any of the questions, you should strongly consider renting a climate-controlled unit
    •  Is your storage unit in a high humidity climate?
    •  Will you bone storing your things for a long time?
    •  Do the things you’re storing have a high monetary or sentimental value?
    •  Does the temperature where you are storing your items go below freezing or above 90 degrees?
  • If you still have questions about whether you need a climate controlled storage unit, give us a call today, we are happy to help!
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