5 Myths About Storage Auctions

January 27, 2015

People Gathered at a Storage Auction


 Thanks to the shows on TV about storage auctions, these auctions have become quite popular in the last little while. Salt Lake City Storage auctions are a fun way to potentially make money. However, the TV shows have portrayed these auctions a little differently than they are in reality.

 We hope to debunk these myths to let you know more about storage auctions.

 MYTH: Storage Auctions are rigged by the storage facility. This is in no way true. This myth probably started because of the actions of a few bad apples. Storage facility managers are not allowed to see the unit before the auction, in fact no one is allowed to see it beforehand.

 MYTH: Every unit contains valuables that will make you rich. Storage auctions are really nothing more than a gambling game. Since there is no way to know all of the contents of the storage unit, you never really know exactly what you will get. You also need to have a plan on how and where you will resell the items from the unit, that is where you will make the money. Do research to find out what types of things are doing well on the resell market.

 MYTH: You can take your time when emptying your unit. Since storage facilities only make money when someone rents out the unit, they will want you to empty it out quickly. Talk to the facility manager about the amount of time you will have to empty your unit.

 For more information about Salt lake City storage auctions, contact our storage facility today.

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